Moms Gone Wild And I Need A Moms Help

What do you do if it's a Saturday at 3:30 and you just dropped your kids off at a karate birthday party for a few hours and you're across the street from Side Bar on Morena Blvd AND you're with a few kick ass moms? Well that's silly, you go have a mimosa (or 2) of course!! (We were in fact scoping out space for a school event, I'll have you know! ha!)

And now for the mom help part. I have spoken before about some of our behavioral struggles with our 7 year old Reed. He's been diagnosed with ADHD since the age of 4ish. It has more recently turned into a different animal. First off, I know he has a good heart. I have seen him practice empathy. So that's a relief. But our current huge problem is the disrespect level to teachers and his peers at school. We have always corrected it. Obviously we don't let him do that. But even after the correcting, the consequences it is happening more and more. He is unpredictable at school and therefore nobody really wants to be around him. It breaks my heart. We are in 2 different kinds of therapy but I am not seeing a change. We are going to try a youth boxing/kickboxing/discipline class today in Lemon Grove at this cool place Body By Discipline. I'll let you know how it goes. 

So, with all this being said...I feel so alone. I need a mom who has gone through the exact same thing to talk to. The rudeness. The meanness.  Please email me if you are that person or have any advice. I would greatly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. 

Check my 2 pics below. The first one is Reed and Chocolatito playing a game of Go-Fish at Starbucks Sunday :) The one below that is a note I left for Reed to read on his drive to school. I'm trying anything!

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