My Yesterday...Yardwork, Gravedigger and a Jacuzzi

Gravedigger was at Grossmont Center yesterday. I got front of the line cuz I'm the spokesperson for the mall :) I'm on those TV commercials! :) Reed is shorter than Gravediggers tire.

Gravedigger was awesome! I wanna hop in that bad boy and cruise! 

Here's Lil Digger!

After we got home from Gravedigger we took a jacuzzi. Naked BOY! My cold Corona was delish! It felt so body was so sore...I did yard work around this area for hours yesterday. I wish out backyard was all cement. Shit.

Day before yesterday we went cruising in my cousin/Godfathers '65 Ranchero. So fun! I wan't a classic car so bad. 

I hope you have a nice weekend! Are you going to Monster Jam? I am! Maybe I'll see ya there! Thanks for letting me into your "Show world" I am loving it so very much.  Love,  Emily

Follow me on Instagram: @emily_griffiths_radio I took this before our cruise the other day. That's my kithcen.

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