Supercross (Was Amazing) and My Classy Life

Sometimes the perks of this job are incredible! These days in radio it's not as often as the good old radio days...when I first started many years ago there were tickets flying around everywhere! Backstage, no PROBLEM. But times have changed. But OMG I got this amazing peek at a new experience at Supercross called "The Inside Track." It is only in a few select cities. SD is one of them. It's an add on to your ticket. (an expensive one) If you are a super fan it is worth every penny. I was literally 6 feet from the riders in the gate. Crazy. 

That's Reed and Robert with Chad Reed!! 

Track walk

What a great night!

The next morning, (yesterday) I had a hair appointment in La Mesa at 10:30. When I got there my girl wasn't ready for me yet so I had to kill a few minutes...So, duh, I killed time by going across the street to drink a glass of champagne. 

Here's the classy part...This is what was happening when I got home from my hair appointment...Reed in a "personal pool" made out of a trash can and Robert supervising with a cold Pacifico. #stayclassy

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