A Few Cooking Pics And My Day

I did tons of cooking yesterday! When I got home from work I was feeling like a veggie burger so I made these out of garbanzo beans. They were good! In my food processor I added a chopped carrot, a few green onions, and a little bit of red bell pepper. Pulsed that. Added a can of drained and rinsed garbonzo beans. Transferred the mixture into a bowl and added an egg, some breadcrumbs, onion powder, garlic powder, a little cumin and chilli powder and salt and pepper. Also a little mozzarellla cheese. 

Made them into patties :) Got a pan hot and sprayed it with some cooking spray. 

Look how pretty it turned out! I pretend to be a Food Network person and make the plate pretty most of the time :) I made a Greek yogurt sauce with lemon juice, grated seeded cucumber, feta cheese and fresh basil. Served it on top of shredded lettuce with avocado and cucumber. Doesn't it look good?!

After I made the veggie burgers I took a lil nap before I went to get Reed from school and it turns out he had a great day at school. He also had a great afternoon and evening at home. My heart was glowing. Could things be making a turn for the better?! I better not jinx it. F---.  As he was being so awesome I was able to really get creative and have some fun in the kitchen making dinner while he was playing near me and chatting with me.

This is the only pic of the pozole I made. It turned out amazing!  A traditional pozole verde is made green from roasting tomatillos and onion and pureeing it with cilantro (I think that's all it is?) I thought of a time saver by using a can of green enchilada sauce. It was legit! I slow cooked some pork chops and shredded those in it. Email me if you want the recipe...I'm probably boring you right now.  I'm writing this as I am trying to mentally prep for me and Thor's taco eating contest. Ugh....Hopefully I kill it!  

Love, Emily

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