#TBT Channeling My Inner 'Pretty Women'

For Halloween one year (I believe 2006) I decided to dress up as Vivian, Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Begining scenes Julia...street walking Julia. Here's what she looked like...

And heres me!  I made the costume myself and I think I nailed it! 

That's my friend Tyna...she's one of the funniest chicks I know. This was the year Britany Spears drove with the baby on her lap and started losing it...that was her costume...a baby, Starbucks and ciggs and a wig. ha.

In the middle is my bestie Fletcher...Who knows what the hell she was. The girl to the left is my good friend Stef and she was "Roadkill" I believe...and to the far right, my girl Nini pulling a last minute elf outfit together.

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