I Need Camellia Help and I Think I Am A Genius!

I have the most beautiful camellia bush in front of my house. I LOVE these flowers. They look like peonies and roses mixed together which is like heaven! Only issue is the buds are falling off early and easily and also I think it has a disease! Crap! See the pic below this one to see it up close.

They are sort of raised up and vary in color between light yellow and light brownish. Any clue on what it is and how to get rid of it? My email is below.

Send me your thoughts on this...I would prefeer something I can DIY like a mizture I can spray but whatever works!  :) emilygriffiths@iheartmedia.com 

And finally...I think I just discovered something awesome! Eddie just walked in as I was writing this and didn't share my excitement :( ha. I love having a pour of salsa on each bite of my taco/burrito. So when you're at home and don't have individual taco shop hot sauces you can have your own disposable mini bowl to pour with the shell of the avocado you used! I honestly thought it was brilliant but Eddie said, "can't you just use a spoon?" Haha...I like this wasy better...plus I don't have to stick a spoon into a jar each time and the whole thing goes in the trash when I'm done! Boom!  (I know, I'm a weird person, but whatever) #avocadoshellhotsauce Have a great weekend xoxoxo I'm headed to Mexi on Sunday...yeah!!!!!

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