My Top 5 Favorite Local Spots To Eat!

This week Sky did a story that 5 San Diego restaurants made Yelps top 100 restaurants in the US. I couldn't wait to hear the list as I am a multi-generational San Diego local. When I heard it I was baffled and upset I hadn't heard of any of those places! So, I decided to be constructive with my frustrations and share a few of my favorite spots! So, here it goes! In no particular order...couldn't do that since they are all so different it just depends on what your feeling :) 

1.) Pomas Deli in OB! Holy balls. I have been going there my whole life and it is so bomb. It's on the corner of Niagara and Bacon Street. I go very basic here...Cold Turkey with Swiss. Sounds boring but the bread is so fresh and I'm pretty sure they put crack in the mayo. They are mostly known for they're hot sandwiches like made in house roast beef and Italian meatball. Grab a sammi and eat it on the pier which is on the same block!

2.) Tokyo Sushi Loha! This sushi spot is near the college, Rolando. It's so so so good. BUT THERE"S A THING! They play really loud music...usually current radio played hip hop...which I love and it makes it really great if you have kids because it's more of a party then a quiet dinner, They go over the top with the presentation of all of their sushi. They also put glow sticks in the kids drinks and have lights and lasers and even give the kids little plastic cheapy toys. 

3.) The Station Tavern in South Park. Just burgers and beer. I eat meat but I ALWAYS get their house made veggie burgers! They do a chickpea on and a spicy black bean. They are so bomb! BUT that's not really why I go there. I go there because they have a a gted off kids play area! So basically it's a bar with a playground and that right there is frickin epic! Why there isn't more places like this is beyond me! Get garlic and Parmesan on the tots!

4.) Salud! In Barrio Logan. OMG the tacos are LEGIT! Small spot but big following! I love Logan Heights! My son Reed's school is sort of nearby so it's a reg after school spot. The Chile Relleno Taco...yasss please. Side note: The place across the street Border X Brewing is a great spot to go have some beers and let the kids play....they have corn hole and lots of board games!

5.) Ironside Fish and Oyster Bar in Little Italy. I'm going to try to not be inappropriate here, but I'm pretty sure their Lobster Roll can give me an orgasm. There. I said it! Holy balls. I mean, it's on another level. The bread is so crusty and light and fluffy. Its buttered on all sides. The lobster in it is so luscious and chunky! Not mayo-y. It is amazing. A little pricey but hey, a food orgasm is worth it, right? I'm telling you...go have it TONIGHT!

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