Some Life Stuff...It's Getting Better!

As I am entering my third week on The Show I am wanting to take the time to thank every P1 that has been so incredibly kind and welcoming. You guys are beyond awesome...seriously. The gang told me how great you were and I was like...I'm sure they are...but really you are the best! I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and loving every second of it!

In reflection of how great you are, that goes with my next piece, my son and some of our struggles we constantly have. I have received so many emails from moms and dads with kind words and support...THANK YOU! As of late, Reed has taken a turn! What the heck?! It's been gradually getting a little better over the past few weeks and once we took a step back, we were like oh my's been really good. School has been so much better. He is stopping and thinking. He is being more easily redirected. It's crazy how it can turn. I need to remember that as easy as it took a turn for the better, it can take a turn back the other way. We just have to keep working on it. 

I need to say thank you to P1 Kyle! He was one of the dads that reached out to me for kind works and help. He suggested Jujitsu. We went to the place he suggested in La Mesa. Reed immediately loved it! I think this has something to do with that turn he took. Thank you Kyle! 


I forgot to post this from the weekend. It was our friends Keith's birthday and he had it at a 1940's steak house in National City called Cafe La Meze. It was pretty good. It was suggested we dress up in the era. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE costume parties! I think every party could be a costume party and I would still love it! PS I never wear lipstick...I feel like I look like an old lady! haha.

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