Restaurant Tip And My Sweet Neighbors

Yesterday I had such a busy day. Right after work I went to meet my Aunt Berit for lunch. She suggested Buona Forchetta in Liberty Station. The food was so good and OMG the decor! There is so much cool stuff to look at...including the old car you can sit and eat in! Right past this car it opens up and there's basically a playground in the back for kids to play in next to a ton of outdoor tables! I can not wait to go there to eat outside and let all of our kids run wild while us adults chill!

After lunch I headed to Reed's school because we're having a rummage sale there this weekend. I am helping sort and organize etc which is hard because I LOVE thrift stores so I kept seeing stuff I wanted to keep for myself! If you want to go check it out email me and I'll tell you where it is!

After that I headed to take Reed to jujitsu and while he was there I got a ton of fun decorations from the 99 Cent Store to decorate for my neighbor Jen's 40th birthday! She didn't want much so I thought that I would surprise her with her garage decked out for when she got back from dinner. It turned out so cute and she was thrilled! 

On the left is our nanny/friend/neighbor Sharon and then my friend Diana and Jen :) 

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