Mission Beach's Iconic "Slomo" Explained!

If you've spent any time on the Mission Beach boardwalk then you've seen "Slomo!" He's like a unicorn when you see him glide by. Randomly enough, growing up in Ocean Beach I used to hang out with his son and so I knew that he wasn't what people had always speculated...judgements like "homeless man" "crazy loner" etc...I always knew that he was a brilliant neuro doctor with lots of money. 

In high school he would be out of town a lot on business and we would all hang out at his beautiful Sunset Cliffs home. I remember he had this very strange tent above his bed. I remember asking his son Bo what it was and I think he said it was some breathing tent thing he developed that was groundbreaking. Crazy! 

I saw this very well done super cool video and thought it was riveting. Check it out :)

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