I Caught 2 Fish and A New Pet Over The Weekend!

What a great weekend! On Saturday at around noon we dropped off our son Reed at my moms house with the boat in tow! Headed down to Dana Landing to launch off. It was so nice out there and there were so many people on the water. We fished a bunch right there in the bay and within 20 minutes I caught one! A Spottie!

At the next spot we were at...I caught a second one!

On Sunday we got Reed back and decided to go check out the Reptile Super Show! It was so awesome! OMG...Reptile people are sure one of a kind! We ran into Lauren, who was in studio with us on Thursday. He was so cool! And....I was able to talk Robert into letting us get a bearded dragon! 

We chose this Leatherback. We said it was sort of like an early birthday present for Reed! He turns 8 on Thursday.

He is so cute and I can't wait until he gets big! Reed nameds him Oscar :)

Hi lil Oscar!

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