Our Wedding Weekend Trip Up North!

Over the long weekend we went to San Luis Obisbo for Robert's best friend's wedding! Robert was the best man. I was also in it as a bridesmaid. It was a great time but I am so tired from the drives and the non-stop activities! We stayed in Morro Bay, which I LOVED! 

The property that the wedding was at is called the Windmill House and it's the grooms friends house. She has a mini horse named Flo that was so sweet!  

Me and the groom!

The ring bearer!

Right after the wedding ceremony ended I was so proud of Reed and I said "good job sweetheart, now you can get as dirty as you want!" Well....he heard that and immediately did a "dirt angel" on the ground! 

We found out that Rebelution was playing at Avila Beach Sunday night and it was all ages! We took Reed to his first concert! It was epic!

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