My Weekend And A Cool Party!

Had such a great and busy weekend!  Saturday morning I finally agreed to go fishing with Robert and Reed super early. I had to get up at 5am, which obviously I'm up all week earlier than that, but not fun on my 2 days to sleep in. Glad I did, though. Was really beautiful out there that early. A little scary though. We went into the ocean! 

I caught about 4-6 mackerel and this bonito.

After fishing we came back home and did tons of yard work in the backyard. 

Yesterday Reed's friend Robby had his birthday party. It was so much fun....first off because I am friends with his mom and so it was also a fun adult party. Secondly, they had reptile people come and do a whole learning thing with tons of cool endangered and normal reptiles!

That's an endangered snake of some sort laying on the kids laps!

The birthday boy holding a tarantula!

Eco Vivarium was the place that came to do this party. I had never thought about doing something like this for a party and I loved it!!! They were so good with the kids and all of the adults loved it too!

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