The Oggi's 2nd Annual Pizza Challenge Champion!

I'm on a high from my BIG WIN at last nights Pizza Challenge! It was such a fun night! Thanks to everyone that came out and especially to those peeps that voted for MY PIE! 

Here's what I put on my pizza:

-Garlic olive oil-mozzarella cheese-fontina cheese-finely chopped mushrooms-fresh garlic-spinach-basil-ricotta-

It was SO BOMB! 

This guy "Ben" called in this morning saying I was running around telling people which one was mine, which was against the rules. WHATEVER BEN! lol I think I remember telling him AFTER he voted and he didn't even vote for me, so whatever! ha The Show is trying to call shenanigans...nope! 

Look for my pizza on the Oggi's menu soon :) 

(or not...but that would be a smart move on their part cuz my sh-t was bomb AF!)

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