A Birthday Miracle!

Yesterday was my birthday. It was an awesome morning with The Show. They made a fuss over me and (as usual) were so much fun! :) Sky gave me a nice card and a gift card to one of my favorite places...Walmart! And Thor gave me a card signed by him and his dogs (weirdo) along with a gift card to the movies! Eddie gave me amazing gifts at our birthday lunch a week ago and Dario gave me a nice bottle of wine then too! So awesome!

After work I went to pick up Reed and then him and I headed to Walmart. As we were passing the meat section I see this lady making a fuss over the mini Heineken kegs on the whole aisle end cap. (Heineken is one of the few beers I really like) I walk over and she was friendly and I asked her what was up. She said "look" and showed me that the price was mismarked to say $2.82!!! She said to take a picture of it and they will honor that price if it's incorrect (which obviously it was) I threw 2 of those bad boys in my cart! (They said they will honor one but of course I tried for two! A few seconds later there were a few employees hovering over them rapidly changing the price along with blocking anyone out to grab any more at that price! It was crazy! Once I get to check out....I showed the checker the picture and BOOM I got the price. Only allowed me that price on one but hey...It was worth a try! It was a birthday miracle! 

Here is the picture I took! 

This is where I spent my birthday...In my sweet little kitchen, doing what I love....cooking and hanging out with my family. (Check my, from scratch, lobster and shrimp cream cheese wontons below!!!)

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