My Long and Busy Weekend!

Friday's Military Christmas Bonus Show was such a great time! I always love seeing the awesome Jay Mohr!

The next day we went fishing at Lake Jennings. It was my first time there. It was beyond beautiful. They had just stocked the lake with trout! See them swimming around?!

Had so much fun but didn't catch anything :(

Saw this bird up in the tree....Couldn't figure out what it was?! If you know will you send me a DM? @theshowemily

After fishing I got ready to go to our appearance at Oggi's in Vista! Man was it packed with P1's! So great!

After the appearance I went home and was exhausted...but my neighbor Jen talked me into some girl time and we went to a wine tasting room in the La Mesa Village...The San Pasqual Winery. Was a great time and I highly recommend doing it!

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