Workout - Day 1

I seriously hate working out or even the thought of it. I only think about my nap when I get done with work in the mornings. The other day I decided that enough was enough with the body shaming of my neighbor told me about this 30 min workout place called 9 Round. Today was my 1st day trying it out and OMG.....I actually LOVED IT! 

This morning I am pretty sore but not as bad as I thought I would be. 

Here is me right after the workout...can't see but I am drenched in sweat! Yikes!

On the way home I was feeling like keeping the healthy thing going, so I got a poke bowl and did seaweed salad instead of rice on the bottom! Was so bomb!

Soaked in the bath for a good long was so nice. (notice the tub blurred to make it look like a better tub hahaha)

For dinner I did one of those frozen store bought cauliflower piza crusts. I made a ton of sauteed spinach and onion and garlic and mixed it with a tiny bit of homemade white sauce then topped it with mushrooms and a little cheese....was so good! 

It was a pretty good and healthy day. (Not pictured is the glass of wine I had while watching our new obsession show...Escape At Dannemora. SO FRICKIN GOOD!)

#TBT 2006 "Sexy" Hot Bod "Photoshoot" - Thumbnail Image

#TBT 2006 "Sexy" Hot Bod "Photoshoot"

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