TBT - Our Epic Trip To Joshua Tree (circa 2012)

Reed was 2 and this was our first trip away for more than a day. I had heard about this place in Joshua Tree called Hicksville Trailer Palace. It's crazy and you stay in a trailer and each one is different and funky. There's all kinds of stuff to do like archery, horseshoes, a pool, a rooftop jacuzzi and there's giant jukebox that plays over the whole place. There's also a recording studio lots of bands record at.

On our way there, there's a famous place in Joshua Tree called Pappy and Harriet's. It's a saloon and it's so fun.

Here's our sweet spot. We got the only one available with our short notice...."The Pony" which is the smallest one. Only $75 bucks tho. We only needed a place to sleep.

The only other group of people there was a bachelorette party of a bunch of LA chicks. There were inflatable penis' everywhere.

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