The Greatest Grilled Cheese I've Ever Made!

Over the weekend our neighbor Seth gave me a loaf of his fresh sourdough bread that he made. He said he has been perfecting his sourdough and HOLY SH-T!! It was insane! I sliced it up the other night and made grilled cheeses for dinner.

I have a few things that I do that make them even better than the basic grilled cheese...I use mayo instead of butter. I put mayo on one side of each slice. I then put them on the griddle, non-mayo side down to toast the inside side a little. Then flip one side lay my different cheeses on and top. I flip once to get each side toasted and the here's the kicker....I top with a little shredded cheese, parm is great or cheddar. and let it start to melt then flip it so it gets fried on top! SO GOOD!

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