Look At These Crazy Grapes I Found!

I did my usual visit to the 99 Cent Store yesterday and found these crazy weird shaped grapes! Who knew?! I thought grapes just came in one shape. Well, I went to Google, who of course had the answer....

"What are long grapes called?

Moon Drop® is the proprietary name given to these uniquely shaped grapes developed by The Grapery® in Bakersfield, CA. They are a seedless black grape of the botanical classification Vitis vinifera that offer an excellent crunch and intensely sweet grapey flavor"

I got them at the 99 Cent Store on University near College if you want to go get them. Reed thinks they're funny and so your little one's might get a kick out of them. They're good, if you like fruit...but, you know, I DON'T NORMALLY LIKE FRUIT :)

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