My Flower Date With Thor's Fiancé Hayley!

I am officially the florist for Thor's wedding! Yesterday was the big day to pick flowers and hang out with Hayley. She's the best! Love hanging out with her. We had a blast and figured the flowers out! We went to check out flowers at Wholesale Flowers first.

After the flower shop we went to a spot I really like that I knew Hayley would love...Nates Garden Grill. It's off of Home Ave off the 805/94. It's a hidden gem! It shares a lot with City Farmers Nursery. It's a farm fresh spot and the food is really good! (Not sure about the brown tarp situation...I guess that had to do with covid, not sure why they didn't use clear plastic but, I digress.....) We busted out the flowers we bought since there was not really anybody there and we went to town putting flowers together! Was my personal, a sweet friend and something to tinker with all at the same time. Plus, CRAB CAKES! They were really good!

We took a walk through the nursery next door and they had baby goats in the goat pin. Hayley was in heaven!

This is the idea of the finished product. She loved it and felt like it was so "her" :)