My Delicious Fancy At Home Pizza!

I have been loving the pre-made and pre-rolled pizza dough you get in the aisle where the crescent rolls are. It is so easy and good! I even will do calzones, which Reed loves!

Last night I did a fancy pizza for Robert and I. Here's what I did....

I laid it out and rolled it a little thinner than they make it. I brush it with olive oil and pre-bake for about 5ish minutes. Then I take it out and add a ton of minced garlic and salt and pepper. Then add sliced provolone cheese, mozzarella and ricotta. Bake it until brown. When it comes out I serve it with piles of prosciutto on top along with fresh basil and an arugula salad dressed with lemon juice and dijon mustard. It was SO GOOD!! SCROLL DOWN to see the steps :)