10 Things Not To Screw Up On The First Date

1. Don't Order "Just A Salad..." Or A Sake Bomb

It's perfectly okay to be healthy but ordering a salad on the first date will definitely give off the wrong impression, like make you look like a square.  You also don't need to prove your manliness by ordering the largest platter of ribs that the restaurant has to offer either.  Go with something somewhere in the middle.  This also applies to  your drinks too.  You don't want to start ordering sake bombs or slamming vodka and Redbulls.  You really can't go wrong with beer, any unflavored liquor or just red wine (if you're having dinner).  Which brings us to #2...

2. Three Drinks And DONE!

Even if the date seems to be going well, you definitely want to stick to this rule somewhat (can depend on your tolerance level), but you don't want to drink so much that you get blasted and fall flat on your face as you are walking out of the restaurant.  You are going to negate the progress that you just made. Not to mention, if she was going to get in the cab with you and go back to your place, she has probably changed her mind at this point because you are too drunk... Unless of course, she is as drunk as you are.

3. NEVER Talk About Your Ex

There are 3 things you never talk about.  Politics, religion and your ex on a first date.  Remember that she is trying to feel you out just as much as you are trying to feel her out.  How would you feel if she started talking about how much her ex broke her heart or ranted about how much of a loser he was and how he mooched off of her for 3 years.  Really not something you want to hear.  Keep it to yourself.

4. Don't Get Grabby Hands

Again, even if you think that the chemistry is fantastic, don't ruin it by putting your creep hands all over her.  You definitely don't want to dive in and start grabbing at her crotch or her breasts like a horny 15-year-old.  Limit the contact to her arms, shoulders and if you really feel the vibe, maybe right above her knee.  Those areas will give you a better indication that she likes you by allowing it to happen.  Anywhere else at that point  is just creeper status.

5. Keep Your Cell Phone Face Down

Ideally you should keep your cell phone out of sight completely, but we know that men typically don't carry purses and sitting with a phone in your pocket is super uncomfortable.  So at the very least make sure you put your phone on silent and put it FACE DOWN on the table.  Even if you are fascinated by her, seeing a blinking light or a text come through is super distracting and we all have a tendency to look at our phones when this happens. RUDE!   If you do get a call that you really have to tak, make sure you apologize before you take the call rather than holding your finger up to your lips as if you are silencing her; she is not a dog.

6. Keep the Conversation Ratio 1:1

If she asks you where you work, answer her, and then take that as an opportunity to reciprocate with a question as well.  Not only is asking questions a way to break the ice but they actually enable you to get to know each other.  If it's just her firing off all the questions and you're just enjoying talking about yourself there are two indications here a. you're not interested in her or b. you're really self absorbed.
Ask HER questions!

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