Hate The Sound Of Someone Chewing? Babies Crying? You Could Have Misophonia

Do you hate the sound of people chewing? How bout leaky headphones?  Babies crying? Loud breathing? If so there could now be a neurological explanation for it.

Until now it was just considered short tempered or a high level of anxiety, but researchers from Newcastle University are now saying that there may in fact be an underlying neurological cause for it.

Turns out that Misophonia may actually cause the sufferers to have heightened sensitivity to certain sounds which can result in feelings of anger or panic.

The causes of Misophonia allude professionals but according to a study conducted by Dr. Sukhbinder Kumar has found that people with misophonia have an  abnormality in the emotional control mechanism of the brain that makes them react very strongly to specific noises.

Read more about Misophonia at Wired.com
Photo: Big Stock Photography

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