10 Mistakes Everyone Makes In Relationships

1. Asking Too Many Questions

There are definitely some questions that you are entitled to know the answers to. Things like, "What do you want in life?"  "Are you interested in having children or getting married?" "Does it burn when you pee or do you have any STDs I should know about?"  These are all very  valid questions, but at a certain point you're just digging and there's some stuff that just isn't your business.

What kind of questions, you ask? Example: How many sexual partners have you had?  This is a question that you are just looking for the wrong answer.  Is there a particular number that you expect your significant other to come in at?  First, no one is going to fit your ideal mould and second you're not in a relationship to judge them, you're in a relationship to love them.  So stop with the masochistic questions already.

2. Getting In Way Over Your Head In The Beginning

Everyone at some point has experienced the date where you feel like it's really going well and everything about this person is just perfect.   So perfect that you're having a small heart attack now that the date has come to an end, so what do you do?  You Facebook them immediately and tell them how much of a great time you've had and you look forward to seeing them again, what are they doing next Tuesday.  Not like you don't have anything going on, but you'd like to see them, but if they can't that's totally cool. Okay talk to you later, bye.  Then you stalk their Facebook and notice that they've SEEN the post and yet they have chosen not to respond yet.  Now your life is falling apart because you couldn't play it cool and now you're expecting them to get back to you with the same urgency.  We know, we've all been there!

3. Comparing Yourself To Their Ex

Sure, they had an ex.  Most of us have exes and yes, they probably had sex.  In fact, they were probably really happy together for a period of time.  No matter how much that thought might anger you it's not going to go away.  Just like you've had sex with someone else too.    No amount of negative comments about them or rifling through their Facebook photos and uttering what a douche they were is going to make you feel any better nor is it going to make that ex relationship go away. Get over it.

4. Comparing THEM To Your Ex

Their ex has about as much to do with you as your ex has nothing to do with your current flame.  We all hate it when someone makes a reference to their ex or compares you to them, so why would you do that to your new flame.  

5. Dating Someone Just To Avoid Being Single

Dating someone just to fill your void for a minute is just not cool.  We all know what it's like to be in a "placeholder" relationship with someone who we really don't enjoy their company but hey it beats being single, right?  How would you feel if someone was doing that to you? Not really into you but just hanging out with you and having sex with you just to pass time until someone better comes along.  Not cool, just bite the bullet and stay single for a bit.  It really isn't all that bad. 

6. Trying To Play Hard To Get

Look, there is a fine line between playing hard to get and just being an a-hole.  Learning to walk that fine line is an art in itself and it's a line that few can master.  How bout just be cool. If you like someone, then like them.  Quit playing games.  

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