10 Things To Do For Valentine's Day For Various Stages Of Relationships

So you're into a girl but you're not really official yet, you probably just started seeing each other and it's a little extreme to go for a dozen red roses and jewelry.  So what do you do? Here are 10 ideas that you can do for your Valentine's Day in various stages of your relationship.

10. You've Just Started Dating, But...
So you like the girl, you just started dating but you're trying to turn up the heat a little bit... ;)
The best way to woo a girl is to invite her to dinner and grab some Valentine's Day cocktails.  If it goes well, suggest a movie at home and then make sure you have some roses and wine waiting.

9. You've Recently Said "I Love You" For The First Time
Look, flowers are always the best way to go with women.  Sending them to her office is the best way to go so that all of her co-workers can ooh and ahh over them which will make her feel really special. You never know what she may surprise you with later. 

8. You've Been Dating One Year
So you're a little past the honeymoon phase of the relationship and you're actually starting to settle in with one another.  Since V-day is on a long weekend this year thanks to President's Day, book a getaway for the two of you.  Get out of your normal routine and have that NEED YOU NOW kind of sex that you used to have when the relationship first started out.

7. When You're Both Stressed Out
In most cases it's not about how much can you spend on Valentine's Day.  Women just want to know that you care.  Bottom line.  If you are both stressed out at the office and don't really  feel like celebrating it's perfectly okay to do something low key.  While 57% of men think that they need to plan something big and over the top for their significant other on Valentine's day, while 68% of women think that the couple should decide what to do together. Ask her what she wants to do ahead of time and she'll appreciate that you put thought into it no matter what it is you end up doing. A cheap Valentine's Day is very acceptable if you show her that you care.

6. You Want To Spice Up  Your Sex Life
You love her, but you're craving something a little different in the bedroom.  Maybe she is too?  Maybe you make her dinner for once and set her up for a nice bubble bath for the both of you followed by a hot oil massage.  Make the evening all about her by taking your time going down on her.  By initiating oral sex you can make sure that she is warmed up and read to go. 

5. You're Broke Newlyweds
Alright, so you just got married and don't have a ton of money to spend.  Maybe you try and buy a cake that was similar to the one you had at your wedding or even the same flowers that she had in her bouquet.  Make sure you sit down and write a loving card about your first Valentine's Day as a married couple.  She will very much appreciate all of the attention to detail and you might even get some of that honeymoon sex going too.

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