The Benefits Of Having Sex Once A Week

Anybody that is happy with their sex life may not be  shocked to hear, but a new study suggests that having regular sex (at least once a week) is the equivalent of earning $50,000 per year.

Why, you might ask? Researchers wanted to pinpoint why, exactly, having regular sex provides such a sense of well-being?

In one experiment, researchers polled 335 American's about their relationship, asked about how often they have sex, how happy they are in their relationship and how often they kiss or cuddle with their partners.

The researchers then polled 106+ swiss couples and found that the more the couple had sex in a 10-day period, the more satisfied they were more likely to be in their relationship.  Couples were also more likely to report increased affection several hours after having sex.

Caveat: Since the study relied strictly on surveys and  participants diaries, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what was responsible for the overall increased happiness that sex provides.  If nothing else though, this study reinforced what most people already know:  Sex and affection aren't just fun, but they are actually healthy for you and your relationship.

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