7 Habits That Make Everyone Hate You On Social Media

1. You're Always Selling Something

When you're always selling something or trying to promote something it starts to get annoying.  It's cheesy and it's pretty spammy at the same time.  

Social media is meant to be a conversation and no one really wants to have a conversation with a door-to-door salesman.

2. Sending Automated Messages To New Followers

you may think that auto sending messages on Twitter to your newest followers may be the nice thing to do, but in reality they are annoying and most people know that they are just an automated message anyway.

3. Oversharing

Your posts aren't as private as you think they are so you definitely want to spare the details of last nights hookup for perhaps a text message to your chosen few.

4. Reposting To Much

Resharing content all day long starts to get annoying.  Yes, the posts are funny but when we see 10 posts in a row for the same person it starts to get annoying and then people will start to unfollow you.

5. Sharing Chain Letters And Urban Legends

You know the "I guess I know who my real friends are" crap.  Here's a tip.  Do a quick google search or search Snopes to find out if it's even real. Because those chain letters are super annoying the other 99% of your friends. 

6. Vaguebooking

You know, the dramatic post that doesn't really give much information but is designed only to get comments and concern from your fellow friends. That sort of drama does not win over your Facebook friends and can in fact earn you and unfollow. 

7. Lacking Decorum

This is one that everyone is probably guilty of at some point.  For some reason we are way more hostile and insulting to people on the internet.    So tough behind that computer screen.    If you wouldn't do this in front of your friends and family then you really should keep it off the internet.

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