Woman Poisons Husband's Lucky Charms To Avoid Having Sex With Him

This woman went the extra mile to avoid having sex with her husband.   

Andrea Heming admitted to police that she did in fact try to poison her husband's Lucky Charms cereal in order to get out of having sex with him.

Heming pleaded guilty and admitted to putting boric acid in his cereal, whipped cream and a few energy drinks.  Boric acid is used to kill cockroaches, but not sure what all the other stuff was for?  Maybe to disguise the taste?  Sounds pretty desperate though.

Heming's husband was suffering from diarrhea and nosebleeds for months before he caught on to what she was doing.

According to a police report, Heming wasn't trying to kill her husband but was only trying to make it hard for him to have an erection.  

The night before Heming was sentenced to possibly 15 years, she fled the country and has been hiding in Mexico for the past couple of years - police believe.

Heming's husband, only identified as "Ralph," was shocked by what he had done but said that she had been acting very strange for a while and that  “She did reveal to me a story where she was a flight attendant at one time, and she had a customer — you know a passenger who was she said was unruly,” Ralph said. “She actually put sedatives in her drink.”

Photo: getty images

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