15 Things That Men Don't Understand About Women

1. Why it feels so good to take your bra off at the end of the day
well, here's the deal.  Bras typically contain wires that are meant to push your breasts up to heights that they could never be without help.  Imagine if you had a restricting cup for your testicles that pushed them up to your neck.  Yup, same feeling.... pretty much.

2. Why women say that something is "fine" when it's not fine
Well, not all women are direct and in some cases would rather just be polite or perhaps not really want to start an argument but at the same time we want you to subtly know that things really aren't fine.  In fact, I think that we're probably kind of fishing for you to ask us what's wrong.

3. Why catcalling is never cute or complimentary
We can't understand why you think we would find it complimentary.  This says absolutely nothing to us except that you're a dude ogling us and being weird.  It's not a compliment, and no, it's not the same as a hot girl telling you how hot you are.

4. Why do we have so many pillows on our couch/ bed
We love to be cozy, okay.  

5. Why does it take so long to do eye makeup
It's super tough to draw lines on your face and then make sure that the other eye matches perfectly. IT's an art. You should try it sometime.

6. Why do we ask if something makes us look fat?
I think it's because there is a constant pressure for women to always look and be as slender as possible which then makes our self esteem fluctuate.

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