Here's What Really Turns Women On, According To Their Zodiac Sign

Stop guessing about what your woman wants in bed.  All you need to know just depends on what he zodiac sign is.  Takes the guesswork out of knowing her sex game.

If you believe in Astrology then you know that your zodiac sign says a lot about your personality.  From the way you behave in every day life, how you conduct yourself in relationships and even what type of career you would be best at.  Maybe you didn't know though, that it also says a lot about what type of person you are in bed.

So, next time you are dropping a lame pickup line on a smoking hot lady at the bar, perhaps you should just stick with asking what her sign is. Her sign will be a good indicator if she is a freak, really emotional and if you should even go home and have sex with her at all of politely excuse yourself and go home.

Aquarius - 

Aquarius are spontaneous and very passionate so you never know what is going to happen when you hook up with one.  They're also very open to new experiences so don't be too shocked if she suggests having a threesome with the bartender.

Pisces -

Pisces are known for being very generous in all areas of life and in the bedroom is no different.  That's a very good thing because you will definitely feel satisfied after having sex with a pisces.  

You should be warned though that pisces is the sign that rules the feet, so don't be too surprised if they have somewhat of a foot fetish and want to lick your toes.

Aries - 

Aries tend to be more daring, energetic and open to new things - especially high adrenaline experiences.  They like it rough and they like it 50 Shades of Grey freaky.  Including spanking and even some butt stuff.

Taurus - 

A Taurus craves sensuality and romance during sex, so it would be wise of you to invest in some scented candles to get things hot and heavy in the bedroom.  Food seems to be a big turn on for Taurus as well.  You know, some chocolate, whipped cream... you get the idea.

Gemini - 

Gemini's are known to be motor-mouths, so prepare yourself for a lot of talking during sex.  The positive side to this though is that they also like to talk dirty. Geminis also love to switch positions often and like that kind of fast jackhammer sex that leaves you both completely exhausted

Cancer - 

Cancer is the most emotional of all of the zodiac signs, so beware.  This can be a good thing because they get super turned on when they feel safe and loved but it can be bad because she might be the type of chick that just starts crying randomly during sex and that is kind of a turn off for a lot of dudes.

Despite the emotional side, Cancers love romance, sensual touching and even some role-playing.


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