5 Jobs For Millennials That Parents Just Don't Understand

Here's our list of most popular jobs held by millennials that parents will never understand.  here is some more insight about them and why they are actually more important than you think.

Social Media ManagerThe role of a social media manager is to manage and grow a brand's online social presence.  This actually encompasses a lot of different things such as creating content, strategizing ad campaigns, managing partnerships with other brands and of course interacting with customers on the page.

Content MarketerThe role of a content maketer is to write content and promote the content via blog posts and videos.

"It involves learning about customers and researching topics that would attract people to visit brand websites. It's important because content helps businesses engage with customers leading to more sales,"

Content marketers also need to have an understanding of search engine optimization which means that they have to understand the most used keywords that will drive up a business's rankings in an online search.

Community ManagerAs a community manager your job is primarily to communicate with your target audience by listening to them and attempting to form stronger bonds with your audience.

A community manager is also responsible for keeping the brand's audience in the loop. Whether it's content that they are working on or events that they are holding or just behind-the-scenes looks at what the company does day-to-day.

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