Tempers Flare As Softball Player Gets In Altercation With Same Coach Who Kicked Sisters Off Team

In 2012, Florida softball coach Tim Walton released Sami Fagan and Kasey Fagan from the Florida team after an altercation.  Fast forward five years and this time it's Auburn's Haley Fagan's turn as she confronted the same coach. 

After Auburn wins 1-0 over Florida on Monday, Fagan was walking through a team lineup to shake hands but didn't have her hand up for the post game handshake as Walton passed by.  As a result Walton makes the handshake motion and bumps her on the shoulder and she pushed back. 

Walton turned to Fagan and tempers flared as the two exchanged words.  Eventually Fagan's teammates intervened and directed her off the field.

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