Missing Man Was Found Inside Massive 23-Foot-Long Python

*WARNING* Video is very graphic

A missing Indonesian man was found inside of a massive 23-foot-long python according to local authorities and news reports.  

Villagers found the body after cutting open a 23-foot reticulated python.

Akbar Salubiro of Jakarta was reported missing on Monday after he failed to return from harvesting palm oil that following day, according to the West Sulawesi police.

Villagers found an unmoving python in a ditch and alongside the snake was one of Sulabiro's boots and one of his harvesting tools.   Villagers grew suspicious that Sulabiro could have been eaten by the snake.

This video was posted online of people cutting the snake open and the snakes skin being pulled back to reveal sulabiros body completely in tact.

Normally reticulated pythons aren't a threat to humans and typically stick to eating medium sized mammals which they squeeze to death before swallowing whole.

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