Ryan Gosling Look-Alike Asks Emma Stone To Prom By Recreating La La Land Opening Sequence

High schooler Jacob Staudenmaier made quite an impression with his video he created to ask La La Land actress Emma Stone to prom.  

Staudenmaier recreated the entire opening sequence to La La Land complete with cars stuck in traffic.  In this case though the cars appear to be stuck in the high school parking lot instead of the middle of a Los Angeles highway.

He and his fellow students sang along to the tune of "Another Day in The Sun" swapping out original lyrics for more creative ones to ask Emma Stone to the school dance. 

“I need a date to prom/ I should have done it earlier/ But now I’ll sing this song/ I think I’m kind of freaking out/ This song took so much time/ And I’m finding this real hard to rhyme/ It’s fine, I’m fine,”

"Jacob Staudenmaier is my name/ Emma Stone if you came/ I think I'd lose it, Go insane/ We'll have to see,” he continued. “I hope you'll want to come on down/ I'll see your face and think of how/ I got so lucky."  

At the end of the clip, the young Lothario presented the camera with a bouquet of white flowers as his friends held up about a dozen signs reading “Prom?” behind him. No response yet from Stone.

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