Snapchat Video Appears To Show Ian Kahaloa Using Illicit Substance

Cincinnati Reds prospective pitcher, Ian Kahaloa has been suspended by the MLB for 50 games after he tested positive for drug abuse.

"We're obviously really concerned," said Jeff Graupe, the Reds' player development director, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer's Zach Buchanan. "We're working to get Ian the help and assistance that we believe he needs to get his long-term future to a more stable place. We're kind of putting the baseball on the backburner."

Buchanan says that Kahaloa shared the videos on Snapchat and Twitter in March and then @Reds_1fan shared them online. 

In a different Snapchat video from Kahaloa's account, a bong and what appears to be marijuana appears to be shown in the video as well.  

Kahaloa's agent, Dave Matranga couldn't confirm 100% that the man in the Snapchat videos was in fact Kahaloa but he and the team believe that the man in the video could very well be Kahaloa "to the best of our understanding."

Kahaloa's agent says that the pitcher is in drug rehab now and is "committed to doing whatever the Reds need him to do"

*Warning- Tweet contains material NSFW*

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