Dutch Game Show Has Men Guessing Whether Women Are Pregnant Or Fat

Rule #1 - NEVER ask a woman if she's pregnant

Over the weekend a new Dutch TV game show Neem Je Zwempsullen Mee (Bring Your Bathing Suit) blew that rule completely out of the water when the shows first episode aired on Sunday night. 

The show consists of male panelists who have to guess whether the woman is pregnant or overweight.

The show immediately caused controversy online and of course on Twitter.  One  user wrote that the Netherlands "reached an all new low yesterday night." Another Tweeter chimed in "I f-ing can't."

Others were simply outraged because the show aired on a public broadcasting channel.  One user included the hashtag #vanmijnbelastingcenten, which translates to #MyTaxDollars

This isn't the show's first time with controversial segments however.  Last year the show contained a sequence in which contestants had to guess whether a man was Chinese or Japanese.

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