Things Americans Would Rather Do Than Their Taxes

Every year Americans will be putting off the filing of their taxes until the last possible minute.

It might be because you're a procrastinator, it might be because you're going to owe the IRS or it might be because Americans feel the same way about taxes as they do about dirty dishes.

A new survey from WalletHub shows how far Americans are willing to go to avoid doing their taxes.

OF the ones that were surveyed they said they would rather do one of the following in exchange for never having to do their taxes ever again.

  • Get an "IRS" tattoo (27%)
  • Move to a different country (16%)
  • Clean Chipotle toilets for three years (11%)
  • Stop talking for six months (10%)
  • Name their firstborn child "Taxes" (8%)
  • Spend a year in prison (4%)

It's no secret that Americans don't like taxes, but they dislike it so much so that they would rather spend time in prison just avoid never having to do their taxes ever again.

According the survey, only 53% of people were bothered by the amount of federal income taxes that they pay whereas 82% of people were more bothered by the idea that larger corporations don't have to pay their fair share of taxes.  And then there are the 79% of people that think rich people don't pay enough taxes either.

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