Cruel Things Women Do That Drive Men Crazy

Look, we know that men can be superficial and promiscuous when it comes to women, but women have their fair share of shenanigans too.  Here are 10 ways that women are uniquely cruel to men. If you're significant other is pulling any of these on you then it's definitely time to call her out on it.

5. They Use Men For Free Drinks
Some women go out with their lady friends and make a plan on never having to spend any of their own money on drinks.  Grant it, guys encourage this behavior because they are trying to get laid and to buy some attention, but some of us guys would rather be judged on our merits rather than our wallets and find this behavior extremely frustrating.  We're happy to buy drinks, but this shouldn't be the sole purpose of talking to us. Especially if you are just doing it for the sake of free alcohol.

4. Emotional Manipulation
This really isn't cool!  Women know that men can't stand to make women cry but some women will take full advantage and will use tears freely to get what they want.

3. Criticizing A Man In Public
What happened to the old rule, 'treat people the way you want to be treated?' If she doesn't want to be criticized or made fun of in public then she too should refrain from this type of behavior towards a man.

2. They Withhold Sex To Make A Point
We get that men typically want sex more than women and there are for sure times when women aren't in the mood, but then there are times when they use it as a power lever over men.  Rather than talking about whatever issue is bothering them, they would rather go on a bedroom strike in order to get their point across.

1. They Flirt To Inspire Jealousy
Usually this happens when women are feeling underappreciated.  Maybe you just had a big fight, but some women use this as a torture tactic under these circumstances.   Women who do this are immature and manipulative.

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