1 In 5 Adults Struggle With Simple Household Chores, Like Changing Light Bulbs

A new study out of London says found that 1 in 5 adults can't even change light bulbs in their homes. 

In fact this survey found that 20% of people  don't know how to change a bulb and the same number of people aren't sure how to boil an egg either.

The survey also found that nearly one third of participants couldn't cook any meal on the fly and if they were to spill something on their clothes or the floor, only 59% of people would know how to get rid of a stain.

Only 37% of those surveyed could change a tire.

“As a nation we tend to take pride in our ability to do things ourselves in and around the home, so it’s a surprise to see there could be a skills gap in places,” says Aviva Propositions Director Adam Beckett in a press release. “That said, we also know that people lead busy lives, so while we enjoy doing things ourselves, we also appreciate the opportunity to leave things to a professional from time to time, particularly with some of the more challenging jobs.”

Here's a look at other tasks these people were polled about:

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