Delta Airlines Passenger Kicked Off Flight For Using Bathroom While Plane Was Delayed

Another airline video has emerged of a man from Wisconsin who said he was forced off of a Delta Airlines flight after her used the bathroom while the plane was delayed on the tarmac.

This video posted to YouTube shows the man, who was later identified as Kima Hamilton of Milwaukee, as he argues with a Delta crew member who asked him to exit the plane on April 18th.

Other passengers recorded the video as the man was being kicked off the plane.

According to another passenger, Hamilton quickly got out of his seat to use the bathroom as the plane sat on the runway.  

She said that he was told that he couldn't use the restroom the first time he asked if he could go.  The man then waited 30 minutes and then told the airline crew that it was an emergency and he got up to use the restroom.

When Hamilton returned to his seat he was approached by a Delta employee and was asked to exit the plane.

"I need more information, sir," Hamilton is heard saying in the video. "I haven't done anything. I paid for this ticket, and ... I have to be home."

"I tried to hold it the first time, and you said I absolutely couldn't, and I'm being kicked off the plane?" he says. The employee responds, "I need to talk to you outside."

Hamilton said that he waited and since the plane was delayed in taking off, he could no longer wait to use the restroom.

Hamilton eventually complied and exited the plane.  he told WISN that he was greeted by FBI agents, who he claims arrived to arrest him, but decided against it.

The man claims that he was then forced to buy another ticket from another airline at three times the price to get back to Milwaukee.

Hamilton, who is black and was confronted by a black crew member said he believes that his race may have played a part and adds that he has yet to retain an attorney but is keeping his options open.

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