Shark Attack At San Onofre State Beach Prompts Closure

One woman  has been attacked by a shark off of San Onofre State Beach late Saturday afternoon. This is the second attack in one year off local waters.

Four women were in the water at the "Church" surf spot, north of the San Onofre beacn and in front of the Camp Pendleton campgrounds.  Two of the women were on surfboards and the other two were swimming nearby in the surf line up.

The woman that was bit was wearing swim fins and wading in the water. State Park aid Travis Lara said that the woman was bit on the glute and down her thigh.

Two other surfers immediately pulled her out of the water and someone on the beach used a surf leash on her upper thigh as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding.

According to Lara, he didn't know if the woman's injuries were life threatening and didn't know where the woman was being treated.  It is also unclear at the time what kind of shark attacked the woman and what the size of it was.

The beach will be closed for 72 hours.

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