10 Ways To Screw Up Your First Date

1. Being Late 
First, you should make a strong effort to NOT show up late for your very first date. Showing up late only shows them that their time isn't important to you.  If being late is unavoidable, you should at least give them a courtesy text and let them know that you are running behind.

2. Appearing Too Cheap
Look, the days of footing the whole bill for dinner are gone, unless you really want to.  If you want to split the bill, fine, but busting out the pen and calculator and itemizing everything to the last drink and side dish, then you are coming off as a little cheap.  

3. Dominating The Conversation
It's not all about you, remember.  Try to be inviting and polite.  talking about yourself all night or interrupting someone when they are speaking will send anyone running for the hills. Make sure you ask her questions about herself so that she knows that you are interested in her.

4. Talking About Your Ex
The ex topic should really be avoided entirely.  Whether you have nice things to say or whether she was crazy, it gives off the impression that you aren't over it yet. 

It's natural for a conversation to veer to a topic of an ex relationship, but this isn't the time to rant or talk about everything that you miss about her.  You're only going to bore your date and show them that you aren't ready for something new yet.

5. Treating Service Staff Badly
Women report that the poor treatment of service staff is a huge turn off.  It could be an early indication of how you treat other people and it reveals a lot about your true personality. How quickly you get angry or how entitled you feel about getting your way.  These are huge red flags. 

6. Having Poor Phone Etiquette
It's fine to take an important call and maybe if you know that ahead of time you can give her a heads up so she's aware that you aren't being rude, BUT... being glued to your phone is just downright RUDE.  This shows that your focus isn't on your date and that she is boring and that you are wasting your time. 

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