11 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Stay Friends With Your Ex

1. Moving On Will Be That Much Harder
Staying in contact with your ex isn't going to help you forget about the pain.  Seeing her around might make you feel better initially but it isn't going to help you in the long run.

2. One Of You Will Get False Hopes
It will be there, whether it's you or your ex. One of you is going to be hoping that you will eventually get back together. Either way you are prolonging the agony by not completely cutting the ties.

3. She Might Use You
If you keep hanging around her, you could become her fall-back guy.  If things aren't going well with the current boyfriend, she will come running back to you.  Temporarily at least.  The thing is, she will walk all over you because you are there for her and you allow her to. 

4. Your New Girlfriend Won't Be Happy About It
Do you want to feel like you are competing with her ex?  Same thing.  It's never easy for women to feel like they are going to have to compete with your ex and her presence will continually be a source of arguments in your new relationship.  Don't know about you but we don't want that sort of drama.

5. It's Just Torture
In time she is going to move on and find a new guy, and you will be right there to witness it.  In time she will probably even introduce you to him.  Thanks, but no thanks!

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