20 Things We Don't Do Anymore Thanks To Technology

When was the last time you used a road atlas?  Do you even own one anymore? Do they even make them?

How about a cookbook?  Do you even buy those anymore or do you get all of your recipes online?

Technology for the most part, is supposed to make our lives easier and less time consuming, but it's hard to believe how much our devices have completely transformed our lives.

here are 20 tasks that are no longer necessary in most households. 

1. Memorize a phone number
How many of your friends and family members have you memorized? Remember back in the day when you actually had to memorize your best friend's phone number? Things sure have changed! Thanks to technology we can barely remember our own cell phone numbers and now most people don't even have their spouses number memorized.

2. Use a phone book to look up a company
Remember letting your fingers do the walking?  Ahhhh the Yellow Pages!  Back in the day when you needed a plumber you just surfed the yellow pages and randomly called a company to come out and fix your pipes.  Maybe we'd ask a friend, but now with services like Yelp and Angie's list, there is no need.  Not only can you find reviews from other customers but you can get their phone number and dial immediately. In fact they'll even provide you with directions and business hours if needed.

3. Telling time by hands on a clock
Do those types of clocks even exist anymore?  Analog clocks are pretty much teetering on the brink of extinction now that digital clocks and smart phones have taken over.  

4. Listen to CDs... or own one
Remember back in the day when you had boxes and boxes of CDs up in your apartment?  remember how you'd have your own CD holder album and you and your friends would sit on the floor looking through it and shuffling cds.  Now it's all downloaded on iPods and MP3 pl ayers and is a completely digital index.

5. Making mix tapes or recording a song from the radio
Remember making a mix tape for your boyfriend/ girlfriend.  The hours spend on combining just the right songs on to one cassette.  Now, all you have to do is throw together a digital playlist in just seconds.

6. Send a hand written letter
When was the last time you actually sat down to write a letter to your friend.  Now it's all about online video chat or just texting.  

7. Looking up spelling in a dictionary
The concept of spell check has been around about as long as the first computer has. Most of us have grown up using the little squiggly line under a word that is spelled wrong in any Microsoft program but autocorrect.

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