Turns Out You CAN Tell If A Guy Will Be Good In Bed Just By Looking At Him

Can you tell if a man is going to be good in bed just by looking at him?  Turns out, yes!

There are in fact a few cues that can tell you whether or not a man will be good in the sack.  

He's Good In Bed if....

1. He Bites His Nails
Nail biters are usually stressed out and are known for pushing themselves to their limits, pushing boundaries and going to extremes.

2. He's Bilingual
According to Daily Mail Writer Tracey Cox who conducted the study, men who are bilingual are typically more intelligent and will put forth more effort.  These are two very attractive traits and can definitely boost the quality of your sexy time.

3. He's Not Handsome
You've heard the addage that hot chicks typically suck in bed, but the same goes for attractive men.  Unattractive guys are going to work harder than an attractive guy in the sack.  If he's not terribly good looking then he isn't going to be inundated with women... so he's more likely to spend time putting forth effort keeping the ones he does get happy.

4. He Doesn't Brag
A good lover is confident and doesn't need to brag. 

He's probably bad in bed if...

1. He can't vary his routine
If he can't vary his routine and perhaps eats the same thing for lunch every single day is probably going to do the same thing in bed.

2. He's obsessed with his friends
If he always tends to put you on the back burner in lieu of his friends then this is a huge red flag.  Not only does it mean that he really isn't interested but it could also mean that he is going to need a lot of approval in the sack.  You really don't want a guy who isn't going to make you a priority.

3. He gets road rage
Not sure why we even need to explain this one...
He's obviously severely impatient which is a horrible trait in a lover.  The man who is prone to road rage is scary in all sorts of ways.

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