10 Weird Things You Do And Hope Other People Do Too

1. Have full conversations with your pets
Buddy, grab me a beer why don'tcha?  No? Fine, a-hole, whatever, I am going to tell everyone about how I caught you licking the cats butthole yesterday.

2. Talk to yourself in public when you're nervous or embarrassed
"Whoops! Hey there door, I didn't see you"Sitting there being all door-like!  Why am I talking to a door? Because I am a giant freakin weirdo.

3. Read books to yourself in weird voices and accents 
Amusing yourself by reading a characters voice with a lisp or an accent just for the sake of entertainment.

4. Having Wal-Mart exclusive anxiety attacks
There are just soooo many angry, smelly and poorly dressed people in one store.  Plus there should be traffic laws in each aisle considering there are people parked right in the middle with zero concern in the world about the other people trying to get by.

5. Chew on everything
Pens, caps, your hair, your nails, anything rubbery or plastic that won't kill you.  Plus side is no one takes you stuff at work. Win, win!

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