Today on The Show - Wednesday, May 24th

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Eddie - Orlando Trip: Epcot

Sky - Narc of PB Would Be Pissed

Ashlee - Wearing My Thigh High Boots Like...

Thor - Shaq & Charles Barkley Almost Fight On Live TV! So Awkward!

Today on The Show:

Forget being a nurse or doctor, three quarters of today's children would rather be YouTubers and vloggers

Exclusive: When are people most likely to Netflix and chill with comedies?

NFL voted on rule changes for the 2017 season, and we graded each one

'Top Gun 2' is happening! Tom Cruise confirms sequel will start filming soon

Detachable Jeans Are The Latest Fashion Disaster Gone Viral

Jelly Belly Beanboozled

Honor Roll Student Banned From Her Graduation Because Of This Shirt

Guy Cancels Dollar Shave Club Membership And Receives Epic Tom Hanks 'Castaway' Care Package

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