Flash Gordon and Incredible Hulk Actors Separated After Comic Con Clash

Fans at the London Comic Con were the ones that needed to separate Flash Gordon and The Incredible Hulk actors after a clash.

Sam J. Jones, who played Flash Gordon and Lou Ferrigno, who is famous for his role as The Incredible Hulk got into an argument and appeared to almost go to blows while signing autographs at a London Comic Con.

It is unclear whey the pairs started arguing, but it took one comic-lover to step in and tell the actors that they need to 'act like adults and grow up'. The fan added: 'There is a large crowd around, so I told them to act like adults and grow up as they were supposed to be there fore their fans.'

the rift over the weekend didn't appear to cause too much trouble between the two superheroes, because they were both back to signing autographs yesterday according to sources.

Ferrigno, 65, declined to comment about the incident.

However, Jones, 62, claimed he and the Hulk actor had teamed together to calm down arguing fans, who 'wanted to fight each other'.

He said: 'He and I together defused it.'

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