Turns Out Using Metaphors Will Make You More Attractive To Women

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Turns out that women love metaphors!  At least that's according to one study published in Scientific Reports.

Researchers talked to 116 straight female college students and asked them what types of compliments women prefer to receive from men. 

Each compliment was either metaphorical or literal and it turns out that they preferred a more metaphorical compliment rather than a compliment that focused on their possessions. "your eyes are a gorgeous rainbow" for example was preferred over "your lips are sexy."

Why would women prefer metaphors?  Researchers believe that women find intelligence and creativity more appealing traits in a potential mate.

“We tend to form very rapid impressions about a person’s attractiveness in social contexts and thus from women, cues from language during initial encounters may provide a rapid first assessment of a potential mate’s intellectual and creative abilities,” researchers say.

However, it what you should not do is catcall women.  No matter what flowery language you use, that isn't going to win any dates.

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